Well, I told you I would come back to blogging eventually. It took me a while but here I am with a nice, shiny new blog!

We are mostly settled into our new apartment in Chicago. (Can you hear that huge sigh of relief???) Our neighborhood is awesome. It is that tree-lined street full of brick three-flats that one expects when they think about moving to a large city. The sidewalks are packed full of strollers at all times of the day.

Meeting other parents has been hit or miss. I suppose this is to be expected. Today I did meet two moms whom I can respect. They were laid-back with their kids, neither overbearing nor neglectful. They mentioned breastfeeding their toddlers in passing, because it’s just what they do… not to gauge whether or not I breastfeed or to brag. The same with cloth diapering… Seriously, women after me own heart. And they let me in on a place where I can take my compost. No more throwing away my scraps, which has weighed heavily on my conscious since the move, and I don’t have to buy an expensive worm bin.

Although we have moved to a city with millions of people, the neighborhood is really neighborhoody. People recognize me! It’s weird. I go to the park and a complete stranger will say, “Are you new here? I’ve seen you around a lot lately, but don’t know you!”

Will we be here forever? Doubtful. But for now, it’s feeling more like home every day.

PS: Still working on the name thing. Do I want to remain anonymous or not? The whole name abbreviation with the kids was annoying as hell but I don’t know that I want to “out” them, either. Your thought, please…