I feel incredibly blessed to have a daughter who makes friends easily. She has no anxiety, no reservations, not a hint of shyness or insecurity. (This trait has its downsides as well, but this is a post about making friends!)

The other day I asked her who she considered to be her closest friends at school thus far. “Hmm… Emma… Isabella…. Julie…. Roni…. Arutyn…Mark…Jonathon…Jasmine S….Jasmine P….” and it continued. She named nearly 20 kids in a class of 25.

So the other day we were at the park and there were three little girls there. Two were a little older than Ava and they were clearly not interested in a third leg. One was a little younger. So Ava says to the younger one, in a very chipper voice, “Do you want to be friends?” Imagine her utter shock when the little girl, after a moment’s pause, says “No thanks…” and wanders off.

I wouldn’t say that her feelings were hurt per se. It was more that she was stunned. It was incredulous that a little girl nearly her age would not wish to be friends. The nerve!!!

Me? I tried very hard to stifle a chuckle. Ah… to be seven.

And, by the way, what ever happened to boys having cooties? Three years and two different schools and I have noticed that Ava makes both boy and girl friends. Yes, she prefers girlfriends, but when I was her age, boy and girls did NOT intermingle in elementary school unless it was to tease.

[Btw, can something be incredulous? Or just people?]