We had to return to Michigan over the weekend for a wedding. Luckily, we also found someone to rent our house (which we seem destined to own forever and ever). We arrived at our house and opened the garage door, where much of our stuff was still being stored. J’s golf clubs scattered everywhere (and quite beaten up as well). We noticed our lawnmower and wheelbarrow were missing. A garden gnome was smashed to bits. All of terracotta pots were broken and scattered about the yard. Ladders were missing, as was Ava’s scooter. Our apple tree, planted last fall, was uprooted. As you can imagine, we were livid. Well, we found the lawnmower and wheelbarrow in the neighbor’s backyard, along with a golf club that was broken in half.

J knocked on the neighbor’s door and confronted the mother who lives there, asking why our stuff was in their yard. She denied knowing anything and said that her son (12 years old, and a major thorn in our side) would never do that.

So we called the police. Yeah, the kid is only 12 but since his mother refused to even discuss the situation, we felt that we had no choice. The police interrogated both parents, the son, and the kids down the street. Of course, no charges were pressed, but the kids were sufficiently terrified and quickly confessed.

And little by little, our stuff came trickling home. I wondered at first whether we were being too hard on him. But you know what? His dad is a drug dealer. The kid intentionally committed acts of theft and vandalism, thinking he would not get caught. I’d estimate his chances of becoming a felon at this point are at least 50%. Would we really be doing him any favors by letting him get away with such malicious behavior? Better to learn these lessons now while the consequences are manageable. But I am still pissed.

*insert very angry emoticon here*