Blue Milk directed me to this post at Hoyden About Town regarding the publicity over Salma Hayek breastfeeding her (wait for it….) 13-MONTH OLD!!!! *gasp!!!*

I have nothing much to add to Lauredhel’s comments so go read them.

I will say that the comments she cites made me burst into tears. I cannot believe that people actually think that way about a mother nourishing her baby. At 13 months they are STILL BABIES. It also made me want to invest in a wardrobe full of turtlenecks. My breasts do not belong to you, World, and you may not have them. You may not look at them, demand that they please you, or tell me that I cannot use them for the manner in which they were intended.

These men have mothers and sisters and wives and daughters and here they are leering over Hayek and making lewd comments about wanting to be nursed. I suppose these are the same men that go to strip clubs but would never marry a stripper or want their daughter to become one, right? It’s not funny.