Yesterday was our 7th anniversary. And we got into a fight, which we never do…

Ava had a friend’s birthday party to go to. Completley forgot about it. I mentioned it to John in the morning, after which I took Ava and Emma to Quaker meeting.

When I got home and mentioned it again, it was clear that it had gone in one ear and out the other because John became all huffy about the “last minute” plan. And the party was in Rogers Park, about 45 minutes away on the El. And I got to listen to all sorts of “Why do I get volunteered to take her to the party? Why don’t I have a say in these things? Why don’t you do it?” To which I said. “Because I go to the PTA meetings and volunteer in the school and walk Ava to and from school everyday and help her with her homework. And all you have to do is hop on the train, drop her off at a friends house, and walk two blocks to your friends house, have a couple beers, and walk back a couple of hours later. Woopteedoo. So hard. You lost the choice to participate in your kids life when you chose to have them and become a father.” It is a serious mistake to try and one-up me on the whole child-caring competition. And then he said, “Oh, by the way, happy anniversary.” Gee, don’t say it like you mean it or anything. (Also, I am pretty sure there were a few swear words thrown about.)

But they did go. And he came home in a good mood and everything was well. And we made dinner together and I went to knitting night and drank wine and talked about education and was so glad for the group of friends I have found here. Except that we never did say happy anniversary like we meant it.

And this morning it was -15 with the windchill. John called to warn me about the weather and icy roads and sidewalks. he also mentioned that he had forgotton to take our stroller out of the van. I tried to call some of Ava’s classmates to see if she could bum a ride, but no one answered so we bundled up and headed out. Eleanor was in her snowsuit with the footies and I plopped her into her old, crappy stroller. Well, the rear wheel nearly snapped off once any weight was placed on it. I seriously considered taking everyone back upstairs and calling Ava in sick, but it was a field trip day. So… back upstairs to get Eleanor’s boots and kid leash. Now we are sooo late. Walking at a toddler’s pace for 3 very icy blocks also makes you sooo late. When I came home, I sent John the following email.

I am mad mad mad at you. I think the mei tei is still in the car. And the white stroller is broken. I don’t even know how you used it yesterday. The back wheel is two seconds from snapping right off. So I got to walk Ava to school at Eleanor’s pace and my shoulders are killing me from the Maya wrap. Ava and Eleanor both fell on the way to school. Don’t get all defensive either. I know I have noooo right to be mad at you, but I have to be mad at somebody for my cruddy cruddy luck today. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

To which he was very sweet and replied without his usual sarcasm:

I am very sorry about the situation.  I noticed the wheel was is bad shape yesterday when I came home.  I didn’t look closely at it though.  I fully expect you to take it all out on me.

And I said:

Thank you. Perhaps I will send you to bed without supper.

I am just glad I noticed the wheel before we left or we would have had to come back for the backpack. Plus I had Eleanor in her snowsuit with no boots on.

So we are fine. Of course, we are… we are always fine but I hate arguing with him especially about stupid stuff.

Oh, and I am out of diapers and Eleanor is peeing all over the damn place.