• It seems wrong to be so annoyed by snow this early in the winter. I have to walk Ava to school in the morning and home in the afternoon no matter what, so I need to just buck up and quit whining. But really… January 8th and 4 blizzards already??? Better than a nasty windchill I suppose, but people, shovel your effing sidewalks!!! People with strollers are trying to walk on them!
  • Since moving to Chicago, I have become a total jerk about being green. Really. Jen, you had my respect before, but it has grown exponentially now that I know how hard it is to live sustainably in a major city. I can’t just dump my scraps in a big old pile in the yard, growing my own food will take serious work and hunting down of resources, I have little control over the heat, hanging clothes when we are already hurting for space sucks… yadda yadda… excuses excuses. Sorry. I will get better. I will buy or build an enclosed compost bin. I will hang clothes whether I like it or not. I have every true intention of seeking out at least one community garden plot this year. If nothing else, I will be able to grow some herbs to dry and some tomatoes to can. Everything else can come from CSA or farmer’s market. We’ve been eating way too much meat, too. But we have hardly eaten out at all. Maybe once-twice per month. (And I have been saving the containers to re-use when I bring meals to new mamas.) The not driving must count for something, right? RIGHT?! If it is withing 3/4 mile we walk. If the weather is too crappy to walk, we don’t go that day. I use the El once or twice a month for a meet-up, or I carpool with other moms sometimes. We are getting rid of cable, too. (But not my beloved internet! I need you, facebook!)
  • Emma had her first formal paid-for activity yesterday. Tumbling. She loved it. Chicago Parks District classes are CHEAP. $15 for 10 week class (one hour/week). Ava starts Mexican Folkloric Dance tonight. So fun!!!
  • I have finished two scarves. Not bad for a beginner, methinks. I think I am going to knit one for myself and maybe a hat, too, although I am not sure how beginner-friendly a hat would be… I have a friend who has offered to teach Ava to crochet, too. If I had this many totally awesome friends in Michigan, I would never have left. For real.
  • I think I might start baking my own bread. Lots of my mom friends insist that it is cheaper. I am skeptical, but I do like making bread so I’m gonna give a try. Today, my goal is two loaves of honey wheat bread.
  • I am still ambiguous about career plans. I know I could get into teaching within 2 years, make decent money (ie: be financially secure)… I know I would be good at it and be relatively happy doing it but… holy God, I just want to be a midwife soooo bad! It is my calling. CPMs are not legal here though, and I feel like it will take me years to get my foot in that door and earn the trust of an underground MW. Then  more years actually apprenticing. Do I want to wait years to have a job? Not really. No. Yeah, I could go the CNM route in a few years but DO NOT WANT. AT ALL. I don’t believe that pregnancy is a medical condition and I don’t want to be immersed in a culture that treats it as such. Gah. So, DePaul, here I reluctantly come.
  • Last but not least, Eleanor’s new favorite word is thumb. As in, “My mitten! I want my flum! My flum in the hole!” It cracks me up. (And can you believe we have met 3 other Eleanor’s since moving here? I told John that we are naming our next kid Gwar. Not there is gonna be a next kid, but you know what I mean.)