John was chatting with our landlord the other day when she informed him that is selling our apartment. Not the whole building, just our apartment (the only one that is finished enough to sell, really). She said, for US, she would sell it for as little as 380K and give us all of our rent back as a downpayment. Although, I recognize that this is a pretty generous offer, LMFAO!!!! That would DOUBLE our rent! I am just seething right now. We had NO intention of moving out of this apt for at least 3 years. I do not feel like up and moving 6 people AGAIN so soon. And what if we have to switch schools???

Even if we could afford it, I am pretty soured on the whole home ownership thing. We still own our fuckin house in MI and it is clearly going to be a ball and chain to us forever unless we can someday afford to give it away.

I am normally pretty good at recognizing silver linings, but I am not seeing one here. At all.