Yesterday, some friends called me and invited themselves over for a coffee playdate. It was great fun. Emma and Is played Robin and Catwoman for hours and Helena had a little baby to wrestle with. At one point he crawled over and gave her a big kiss on the mouth… at which point, she bit his poor little lip and made him bleed! Poor kid! Eleanor, of course, ended up skipping her nap and spent the entire afternoon chilling on my friend’s lap, too tired to play.After everyone left, Emma was singing “Emma and Is, sitting in a tree…” Ahh… the preschool superhero crush.

We had a late dinner because of Ava’s dance class and the the end of it, Eleanor had fallen asleep sitting up. Her little head was wobbling around as she tried not fall forward onto her plate! I put her to bed and then Ava and I read another chapter in our book about Jane Addams. I think we will need to plan an outing to Hull House when we are finished. Not to be outdone by Eleanor, Ava fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch and John carried her to bed. But… she had faked falling asleep and as soon as he laid her bed, she started giggling like mad. Emma and I read The Snowy Day and she thought she would fool us too. Not so much…

Helena is getting ready to crawl and did a side-sit yesterday. Her two teeth are annoying as Hell, as she is constantly biting things (like her friend… and her mom). She has hardly eaten any solid foods (and I am fine postponing those nasty big kid diapers for now) but she does loooove potatoes in any shape or form. It seems like life has been all things baby lately… we have 4 pregnant friends, my sister had her baby girl on Tuesday night, and I brought 2 new mamas a meal last week (and two more had babes, too, but I let the other moms hog some of that meal-bringing glory!).

My bread has risen, so I should really go do something about that now. I am stewing up a post on my New Years Resolution but I haven’t quite decided how it’s going to work. Care to share yours?