So, I entered all of my blogroll into google reader and am making my way through everyone’s blogs today.  I am so glad that I am catching up, as I have found all sorts of lovely, reflective, and thought-provoking posts. I highly recommend that you go read some of them.

Brigindo at Dirt and Rocks wrote a beautiful piece on empty nesting and making the transition from active mothering to… what? We aren’t sure, that’s the point of the post.

Sherri at The Claw is writing about the benefits of turning 40… I like it!

I want to do this project! We need a little summer on these bitter cold days. (And pretty much everything else that The Crafty Crow is talking about…)

I loved this little nugget from Kris at Garden Variety. As an avid people watcher and window-peeker-inner, it struck a chord with me.

I enjoyed Pundit Mom’s summary of the last eight years. Yes, yes, yes.

MadHatterMommy at Under the Mad Hat has posted December’s just posts. There is some good reading here when you have the time. Check it out! I really liked this one and this one.

I love Tracee Siouxx’s blog in general, and she wants pictures of our daughters being the awesome little creatures that they are.