I have learned all sorts of strange things since moving here.

I know what it means to get “doored.” (Think bike rider meets car door when car owner can’t be bothered to check mirror.) No, it hasn’t happened to me but it is pretty common.

I know that when you are trying to park a car in the winter, you should not move lawnchairs, milk crates, paper bags, or other “spot savers” unless you want suger in your gas tank or a big dent on your hood.

I know that snow days don’t happen here until the public buses aren’t running. Too many people who attend public school do not have back up child care. If kids can’t get to their regular school, they can go to the nearest school and sit in a classroom of strangers all day.I guess too many 5 year olds would be left home alone and too many  kids of all ages would be short 2 meals that day without school.

Also, everything here is better when a sexual innuendo is involved. I guess that’s univeral, though.

I am sure there will be a part 2 to this post eventually…